Devices and Applications Support

With the 5G environment the number of connected devices will highly increase, especially towards adopting sensors and actuators. In parallel there is a tendency for automating human communication, through massive background data traffic bringing the information to the devices prior to the actual consumption from the users (i.e. Application customized internet crawlers, etc.). 
Devices and Applications Support
Devices and Applications Support Fraunhofer FOKUS
Currently we are concentrating on:
  • Efficient connectivity management, for reducing network congestion based on postponing non-essential communication – leveraging Machine Type Communication and automatic communication characteristics;
  • Access network selection – for offloading congested radio access network, based on the momentary spectrum allocation and its degree of occupancy;
  • Defining service requirements for groups of devices and users exhibiting the same behaviour;
  • Delay, mobility and services aware core network data path selection;
  • Data transmission adaptation able to address through a single connection:
    • Very low delay communication with small and high capacity (e.g. for remote control);
    • Multimedia communication;
    • Bulk communication support for fetching background information;
    • Traffic steering for services with multiple end points;
    • Break-out and caching.
  • End-to-end scenarios adapting the communication based on the radio, core and backhaul characteristics.