Fixed, Satellite and Backhaul

The 5G environment aims to provide full coverage with a high level capacity and at efficient network costs, including remote areas and indoor communication. This requires the integration with other network systems, extending efficiently the network and backhaul support. The two most promising technologies are fixed network deployments, which are already mostly terminated with wireless networks at the customer premises, and the satellite networks, which already provide communication services (e.g. 2G/3G systems) and backhaul.
Fixed, Satellite and Backhaul
Fixed, Satellite and Backhaul Fraunhofer FOKUS
For a complete convergent network, including fixed and satellite networks, we are able to provide know-how and innovation in the following areas:
  • Convergence architecture – design of the network functions appropriate for the integrated deployment;
  • Customization for satellite communication;
  • Customization for data and signaling plane over best effort networks;
  • Coherent identity management – across at least two different systems;
  • Access control and customer premises network management;
  • Discovery and selection of access networks;
  • Dynamic backhauling over best effort and guaranteed resource networks;
  • Integration of policy control and charging mechanisms;
  • Integration of the network management systems.