Functionality Co-location

Following the design based on software engineering paradigm, Open5GCore includes a set of modules which enables the co-location of control and data path functions, through this converging at software level the available functionality available in a specific network location
Functionality Co-location
Functionality Co-location Fraunhofer FOKUS
Specifically Open5GCore includes the following modules which enable the co-location of different network functions within a single running software instance:
  • A Diameter internal exchange module - enables the forwarding between processes of binary information without requiring encoding/decoding into Diameter messages and transmission over the network. It enables:
    • The co-location of MME and HSS, by compacting of the S6a interface
    • The co-location of AAA server and HSS, by compacting the SWx interface
    • The co-location of the TWAG and the AAA server, by compacting the STa interface
  • A GTP internal exchange module – enables the forwarding between processes of GTP messages without encoding/decoding into GTP messages when the two entities are co-located
  • A proof of concept co-locating Control entity (CTRL) was developed including the functionality for the 3GPP EPC MME, SGW (control part only) and PGW (control part only)
  • Additionally HSS may be added to the CTRL entity with a distributed database backend.With the functionality co-location feature, the core network may include a single type of uniform control entity from which only the required functionality is used – depending on the network functions selection procedures.