Fundamental Core Network Functionality

Open5GCore includes a small size functional LTE/EPC core network based on 3GPP Rel. 11 and further extended with control-data path split based on OpenFlow 1.4, able to integrate with real LTE cells and to perform proof-of concept demonstrations with off-the-shelf LTE devices. Additionally Open5GCore supports on-demand WiFi as trusted non-3GPP access network.
Although, the 5G research activities will diverge in the near future from the LTE and WiFi support, we believe that a final 5G ecosystem will also include also converge in a natural manner with these access networks.
Fundamental Core Network Functionality
Fundamental Core Network Functionality Fraunhofer FOKUS

From the legacy Evolved Packet Core, Open5GCore includes the following functionality:

  • eNB emulation with WiFi – an alternative to real eNBs, for being able to run testbeds without having an LTE license. With the additional LTE/5G signaling package, the eNB emulation can be replaced with a complete eNB implementation missing only the LTE physical layer or with the benchmarking package for creating capacity. Based on the 3GPP EPC Rel. 11 implementation from OpenEPC Rel. 5;
  • MME – based on 3GPP EPC Rel. 11 implementation from OpenEPC Rel. 5;
  • SGW and PGW with control-data plane split using OpenFlow 1.4 and own OpenFlow switch including GTP support extensions
  • HSS – based on the OpenEPC Rel. 2 - Rel. 5 HSS
  • UE Mobility Manager for Linux OS and Android OS, enabling the control of the access network selection based on OpenEPC Rel. 5
  • (added on demand) Minimal support for WiFi, including a simplified form of the Trusted Wireless Access Gateway (TWAG) and an AAA Server.  
The functionality here provided does not include carrier-grade feature and is suitable for laboratory testbeds only. For comprehensive, product-oriented core network functionality including 2G, 3G, LTE, trusted and untrusted non-3GPP accesses support, CS-services support, policy and charging control, charging systems, multi-access (IFOM, MAPCON, SaMOG phase 2), please contact us.