Runtime Flexibility and Robustness

Open5Gcore includes the fundamental set of runtime flexibility functions, enabling the further development of runtime load balancing, subscriber distribution and high availability features specific for the 5G system interfaces. 
Runtime Flexibility and Robustness
Runtime Flexibility and Robustness Fraunhofer FOKUS
Open5GCore Rel. 1 includes the following functionality for enabling runtime flexibility based on novel algorithms developed for the 5G architecture.
  • Diameter load balancing functionality – the functionality can act as an independent Diameter Router Agent (DRA) or it can be co-located within the originating component of a Diameter interface;
  • Internal and/or remote network function selection for GTP and Diameter interfaces enabling the runtime selection of a next entity based on non-standard criteria such as the identity and the profile of the subscriber, the load and the location of the next entities, failures or network administration operations.
Additional load balancing functionality will be added on demand such as the S1-MME load balancing, integrated into the eNB or separated into a core network border controller.