Fundamental 4G Core Network Functionality

Open5GCore maintains backwards compatibility with LTE/EPC as expected for the 5G NR NSA, LTE and NB-IoT LTE. The 4G core network functionality is maintained for convergence and for demonstration purposes (no new developments). The 4G core network interoperates with most of the commercially available eNBs and 5G NR NSA RAN which could be used with COTS phones.

Fundamental 4G Core Functionality
Fraunhofer FOKUS

The 4G core network functionality includes: 

  • UE connectivity manager for Android and Linux
  • MME/SGW-C/PGW-C – enabling in a single component the control plane functionality
  • Switch (SGW-U, PGW-U, LGW-U) – configurable OpenFlow/PFCP switch for data path
  • HSS – including S6a Diameter interface
  • UE and eNB simulation (only network side)