Network and Functions Virtualisation
 Fraunhofer FOKUS

Networks & Functions Virtualization

With the adoption of software networks as a means to deploy 5G functions and with the maturing of ETSI Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), networks and functions virtualization enters into a technology consolidation age. Albeit initial commercial deployments are available, several research items are of high interest to the industry and have to be properly matched:

  • Assessment of the hardware capabilities for support different services – a very high interest especially towards the edge nodes and high capacity compute is the possibility to assess the hardware capabilities. With the adoption of new hardware architectures and acceleration capabilities, there is a very large differentiation on what the components of the different providers can offer;
  • End-to-end slices – deployment of slices across multiple orchestration domains and the transparent stitching of the different parts considering the security and privacy of network domains and the intermediary backhaul;
  • Edge networking deployments – especially concentrating on the management of a large number of edge nodes across unreliable or resource constraint backhauls. It is foreseen that most of the edge nodes deployed will not
  • Edge networking services – integration of the specific services offered by the edge node with the main slices and services such as location services, backhaul management, caching, local communication support and broadcasting, etc.