Edge Network Support
Edge Network Support Fraunhofer FOKUS

Non-Public Networks (NPN) Customization

Under the large pressure of the use cases, the 5G system has to include a new set of solutions which address directly the localized deployment. This includes dense urban areas where a very large network capacity is required (such as stadiums, fairs, train stations) as well as specialized local deployments for the vertical markets (such as factories, construction sites, event logistics networks, hospitals, supermarkets, enterprises).

Understanding this trend, Open5GCore was extended with specific features which address the edge network deployments, such as:

  • Multiple edge-central functionality split deployments, considering different vertical use cases radio network deployments and different backhauls between the edge and the central (such as dense urban areas or extensions of operator networks to the vertical use cases location);
  • Support for distributed edge-only networks, covering distributed locations without service continuity (such as multiple locations of a factory)
  • Local authentication, authorization and mobility support, independent or in correlation with the central functionality;
  • Support for the local data paths, local communication and data privacy
  • Remote edge node management support – this includes the fault and performance of the edge nodes as well as the remote monitoring of the system state

Furthermore, to be able to connect different edge connectivity islands with central locations and between them, a new SD-WAN prototype was implemented able to filter data traffic and forward it across the momentary available backhaul networks: fixed, public MNOs or satellite.

For more details on use cases where the Open5GCore edge node is used, please check www.5G-playground.org