One of the main missing features of testbed implementations are cost-effective means to benchmark the innovation. For this Open5GCore implements a benchmarking tool providing workloads for the quantitative evaluations of different customized core networks on top of different resource infrastructures as well as the processing of the results in graphical form. 

Benchmarking Open5GCore
Fraunhofer FOKUS

The benchmarking tool and environment include the following functional features:

  • Flexible and intuitive eNB topology configurations
  • Flexible subscriber mobility and load patterns (can replay workloads)
  • Support for x10000 emulated subscribers and x100 eNBs
  • Support for S1-MME and S1-U interfaces and procedures
  • Monitoring parameters - 50+ metrics including:
    • Quality: Success rate, procedure delay at benchmarking tool
    • Performance: procedure delay, compute and storage in the network

The benchmarking tool can be extended on demand for different RAN topologies or functionality, mobility and resource patterns as well as for different interfaces towards the network (e.g. for non-3GPP access).