Advanced QoS and Session Management

Open5GCore Rel. 9 includes Open APIs and policy-based data plane adaptation for the subscribers to be able to better control the behavior of the core network from external functions.

Open5GCore QoS Session Management 2022
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Support for dedicated and default QoS Flows

  • PCF support for Npcf_SMPolicy Control and Npcf_PolicyAuthorization
  • SMF support for Nsmf_SMPolicyNotify
  • PFCP extensions (QER, SDF)
  • UPF extensions to handle SDF and QFI for GTP-U
  • Translator support for Diameter and IMS Rx interface
  • UDM support for Diameter and IMS Cx interface

Support for data path selection / Traffic Influence

  • NEF support for Nnef_TrafficInfluence
  • PCF policy-based decision
  • SMF integration of data path diversity
  • UDR support for subscription profiles updates
  • Extensions for the MCx applications support