Use Case Customization

For each of the Open5GCore licenses, a set of best-practice configurations is provided, enabling the immediate and intuitive demonstrations and practical know-how accumulation. For assessing other implementation architectures, the configuration can be further customized based on the documentation companion.

To further develop your ideas, components, architecture and solutions, targeting the 5G ecosystem, Open5GCore source code is designed to be easily extended with new interfaces, protocols, parameters for the parameters, state machines and policy based decisions.

Additionally, Open5GCore follows a full modular design, while completely implementing the main standard functionality for the different protocols, interfaces and components, thus being a suitable counterpart in realizing a complete testing environment for the development of new prototypes and products or for realizing comprehensive testbeds by integrating only a part of the overall components.

Of course, we offer our licensing customers and partners prototyping and integration services for new 5G network related functionalities. Please get in contact with us via email to define extensions that you would like to evaluate with our help.