Consultancy Activities/Benchmarking

For industry acceptance of the 5G technologies, apart from the development of the technology itself, there is a strong need for creating a high level of trust. With our very large experience and market orientation into developing new technologies with practical applicability, we are able to provide the following consultancy services as an addition to the basic research activities:

  • Development of methodologies for assessing in the appropriate environment of the new 5G ecosystem including the definition of metrics and benchmarks, certifying the quality of a specific solution
  • End-to-end benchmarking of specific solutions on top of different hardware platforms, with different software configurations and with the most appropriate mobility and load patterns
  • Development of comprehensive evaluation frameworks,  proving the specific value added of a solution from an independent evaluator
  • Integration of the given prototypes, components or solutions within a complete ecosystem (provided by Open5GCore) in order to be able to perform the end-to-end benchmarking
  • Future-proof evaluations for products and solutions, for reducing the investment on updates and increasing the runtime duration for specific solutions
  • Technology adoption roadmaps and integration with legacy