Prototype UE

Open5GCore Rel. 7 offers the porting of the Open5GCore platform for Android and enables further developments towards 6G UE-centric development. 

Open5GCore PrototypeUE 2022
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Regular Android App emulating the UE functionality for non-3GPP (not implementing the 5G/4G modem)

Supporting non-3GPP connectivity

  • Secure connection establishment to the TNGW/N3IWF
  • Authentication and authorization to connect to the Open5GCore
    • Soft credentials are used/not the SIM card information
  • Establishment of a secure data path bearer
  • Forwarding of the data traffic through the end-to-end bearer

Support to add new functions like:

  • Positioning
  • Signal strength
  • Access network discovery
  • Access network selection
  • Network monitoring and reporting