Licensing Options

Open5GCore is available under a paid licensing model.

  • The most common and best flexibility model is that of source code license for internal use.
  • Also lower cost binary-only options are available.
  • On the upper range, Open5GCore modules code may be licensed even for inclusion within commercial products.

For more information, prices, as well as a customized offer including all the licensing terms, please contact us with your requirements via email. The Open5GCore team is also offering coaching, training, tutorials on 5G and LTE as well as support for local deployment and integration activities.

When you require additional equipment, such as 5G gNBs or 4G eNBs, suitable mobile phone and/or modems as well as SIM/USIM/ISIM/CSIM cards, we would be happy to assist you towards building your comprehensive testbed. Best-effort support for using the software is offered with each license and additional technical support bundles are available upon request. Additional features, components or extensions of reference points can be developed under the umbrella of defined R&D projects with Fraunhofer FOKUS.