Location Services

For being able to automate the acquisitions, storage, curation, and exchange of the data between the different active systems, network management, and insight generating elements (e.g. machine learning algorithm) careful attention has to be given towards the development of a comprehensive data layer. For more information on this research direction, please check NEMI-WEBSITE.

Precision localization algorithms, like the ones standardized by 3GPP in the latest releases, require functionality in specific domains and cannot be executed continuously. Localization should only be executed on-demand and with the granularity required by the specific external services.

We currently extend the Open5GCore with such a localization service capable to:

  • Encapsulate various precision algorithms
  • Trigger positioning operations on demand
  • Store and analyze historical positioning information to be able to determine local user density and the individual UE’s the mobility paths
  • Open localization API for external services to be able to access such information 

Location Services Open5GCore
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